STORYTELLER: Writer • Actor • Coach



I’m a versatile, creative, detail-oriented writer. My unique background as a lawyer, actor, standup and storyteller enhances my ability to simplify a complicated subject matter, speak in the brand’s voice and craft a memorable story to engage a particular audience.


My writing work is guided by a strong storytelling arc and humor (when they let me). I’ve written about leadership, UX, globalization, tech, STEM education, and healthcare . I love collaborating with smart people, helping them share their inspiring stories. If you want to chat about how I can help you, contact me HERE.

Cross-platform writing highlights include:

  • Speechwriting for over 35 live world-class events.
  • Video and digital marketing content for a global health and wellness site.
  • Ghostwriting, editing and publishing blog posts for Pitney Bowes Global UX department.
  • Ideating and writing web and landing pages for nonprofit,
  • Writing story-driven blog posts related to leadership and OKRs for John Doerr’s
  • Interviewing, researching and writing story-driven blog posts for 100Kin10, a prominent STEM educational network.
  • Documentary feature script which launched an international news channel.
  • Playful, conversational content for a lifestyle website.
  • Copywriting and editorial work including pitches for major advertising campaigns.
  • Original scripts include comedic shorts, animation, sitcoms, and features.
  • Live storytelling/podcasts include the Moth, RISK!, The Liar Show, Vsauce and the Story Collider

Warm, Funny and Inviting

Everyone loved the final product, with speakers commenting on how well it was written. Gail took special care to tailor each speech to each speaker, honoree, while giving attention to the placement of that speech or moment in the entire evening. The words had a smooth natural flow, and the script had beginning, middle and end. It was warm, funny and inviting. 

Pam Dawber

A Fabulous Job

Gail wrote the script for our conference emcee and did a fabulous job. She was able to work with him to make sure he was well-prepared and felt comfortable in what he was saying.

Melanie Kelman
Bilingual Marketing & Events Professional

The Go-To Writer

Gail Thomas is the go-to writer for award show scripts. She does her research, she is funny, she is fast and she is accurate. Gail often works directly with the talent — corporate executives, celebrities or honorees — and through that contact replicates their “voice” beautifully in the scripts she writes.

Karen Dalzell, CEO

Very Collaborative

Gail is a very collaborative strategic thinker while delivering on the day-to-day tasks. Through her creative marketing copy, she has articulated the brands’ promises for both internal and external needs for the client and partners. Gail is a chameleon with her brand voices and a great go-to when arming a measurable results-driven team.

Quentin Regos, Creative Director

Expertise and Enthusiasm

What started out as a specific silo/task based contractor agreement has expanded to a strategic role thanks to Gail’s expertise and enthusiasm. She has a great knack of immersing herself into the client’s personality and voice and her interviewing skills are particularly commendable.

Colin Lieu, Project Manager

A Lasting Impact

I brought Gail in to serve as story coach, writer/editor and day-to-day manager of an internal UX storytelling initiative. Gail’s encouraging attitude, strong interpersonal skills and professionalism had a lasting impact by inspiring my colleagues to write about the value of what they do, and gave them confidence to do more writing and broaden their storytelling efforts through applying to speak at conferences.

Julie Threlkeld, Principal Content Strategist

Love Gail!

Love Gail! She’s clever, funny, witty all wrapped up into a professional writer’s package. Would work with her time and again!

Deb Roges (Smith), Partner