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Video Orig

Yes, I’ve acted on many many NYC stages, Off- Broadway and Off-Off Broadway, from Shakespeare to standup comedy; and favorite on-camera film jobs have included work with Malcolm Lee on Showtime’s “Morningside Prep” and shorts with Laura Bennett, James Murray and Joe Stillman.

Through Blinkfast productions, I’m now making my own little funny films, working with amazingly talented friends, new and old – people who know how to do creative stuff I can’t begin to understand. Stay tuned for more short comic videos heading for film festivals and fake news shows to help in pitching to the big network brass. If you have your own creative ideas and talents, please let me know.

I’m hoping to put up composite a demo up soon and check out the clips below for a few fun comedy videos and and some stay tuned for more as we shoot, collect, and compress more materials.

Short Comedy Videos

Trailer for My BFF, a short film by Blinkfast Productions


Round It Goes written by Joe Stillman with Gail acting


Some News Now – written/acted by Gail


Some news clips