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Love Gail!

Love Gail! She’s clever, funny, witty all wrapped up into a professional writer’s package. Would work with her time and again!

Deb Roges (Smith), Partner

A Lasting Impact

I brought Gail in to serve as story coach, writer/editor and day-to-day manager of an internal UX storytelling initiative. Gail’s encouraging attitude, strong interpersonal skills and professionalism had a lasting impact by inspiring my colleagues to write about the value of what they do, and gave them confidence to do more writing and broaden their storytelling efforts through applying to speak at conferences.

Julie Threlkeld, Principal Content Strategist

A Mountain of Talent

We saw a mountain of talent both as a performer and a writer …

Arnaud Collery, Global Chief Happiness Officer

Expertise and Enthusiasm

What started out as a specific silo/task based contractor agreement has expanded to a strategic role thanks to Gail’s expertise and enthusiasm. She has a great knack of immersing herself into the client’s personality and voice and her interviewing skills are particularly commendable.

Colin Lieu, Project Manager

Very Collaborative


Gail is a very collaborative strategic thinker while delivering on the day-to-day tasks. Through her creative marketing copy, she has articulated the brands’ promises for both internal and external needs for the client and partners. Gail is a chameleon with her brand voices and a great go-to when arming a measurable results-driven team.

Quentin Regos, Creative Director

The Go-To Writer

Gail Thomas is the go-to writer for award show scripts. She does her research, she is funny, she is fast and she is accurate. Gail often works directly with the talent — corporate executives, celebrities or honorees — and through that contact replicates their “voice” beautifully in the scripts she writes.

Karen Dalzell, CEO

A Fabulous Job

Gail wrote the script for our conference emcee and did a fabulous job. She was able to work with him to make sure he was well-prepared and felt comfortable in what he was saying.

Melanie Kelman
Bilingual Marketing & Events Professional


She’s good.

Mike Judge
Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Silicon Valley


Gail is a terrific actress who adds a lot to the words. She definitely makes whatever script we’ve handed to her better. She’s super-funny and a true pro in the booth.

Jim Price, Partner/Owner

Her Storytelling Intuitions are Incredible

Gail helps her students help themselves. Her storytelling intuitions are incredible. The environment she creates is empathetic and supportive. She helps everyone refine and amplify their own voice.

Adam Shaw, Software Developer

An Invaluable Sounding Board

Gail has been an invaluable sounding board for me! From generating ideas, to editing and honing my stories, she is my go-to coach.

Tara Clancy

A Masterful Teacher

Gail Thomas is a masterful teacher. She is smart, sensitive, open-minded and inspiring. I learned more in two days with Gail that I have in entire semesters. Highly recommend it. If you want to become a better storyteller, do yourself a favor and put yourself in her able hands. She will give you the tools and the courage you need.

Jonathan Papernick

An Awesome Instructor

This class was fun, educational, and entertaining! Gail brings years of experience to the class in a safe and insightful way. The storytelling tools given to us were helpful and her feedback was spot-on, up-beat and positive. You can tell that teaching and storytelling are a real passion for Gail! She is an awesome instructor!


A Wonderful Teacher

I consulted with Gail to develop stories for business. She is a wonderful teacher. She is very fun, personable and able to get the best from every person. Her knowledge and expertise in storytelling, branding and strategic communication was a great value for me. I didn’t have any idea on how to create a story (because I’m very analytical and straight to the point). But, then thanks to Gail, I was able to create four new stories – starting from scratch.

Martina Casagrande, TitleCommercial Planning and Sales Operations

I Loved Your Class

Gail, thank you for helping us gain more confidence by tapping into our vulnerability. I loved your class and it was a great use of my weekend.

Lianne Z., Customer Success Manager

I Meant to Give You a Hug

Dear Gail, I meant to give you a hug when we parted tonight but didn’t have a chance. Your class means SO much to me. I lack structure, details, and self-confidence and you give me all and much more. I am still distances away from where I want to be, but you are pointing me to the right path I am looking forward to going down even after the classes end and even all by myself. It feels like a healer and a second chance, and you are so kind—I can’t thank you enough.


She’s Perfected an Ernest Deadpan

Gail Thomas, makes a terrific Almighty. In lab coat and glasses, she’s perfected an ernest deadpan, marked by the occasional sly grin of pride.

Review of The Whole Shebang
Alexandria Gazette

The Best

Some of the best theatre I’ve seen.

Review of Artifacts by Tiny Mythic Theatre Co. at Ohio Theatre

That’s what theatre is.

That’s what theatre is (Referring to As You Like It production in Washington Square Park. Gail as Rosalind)

John Guare
speaking to TheatrerWeek about As You Like It production by RAKKA-THAMM!!!

Always Incredible


Gail’s stories are always incredible. She truly has mastered the ability of taking the most difficult moments and finding their beauty.

Gastor Almonte

Warm, Funny and Inviting

Everyone loved the final product, with speakers commenting on how well it was written. Gail took special care to tailor each speech to each speaker, honoree, while giving attention to the placement of that speech or moment in the entire evening. The words had a smooth natural flow, and the script had beginning, middle and end. It was warm, funny and inviting. 

Pam Dawber

Made me feel right at Home

Gail is an excellent foster mom! After my time on the streets, she made me feel right at home.


My team gives GAIL a big hand of applause!

My team gives GAIL a big hand of applause – they truly appreciated her teaching skills and her ability to create a warm and inviting place to learn.  It’s been a great journey and we are excited to take these new tools into our work – to better serve our communities – THANK YOU GAIL!!!!!!  You and your organizations would be will served to partner with her. –

Sok Be, Sok Be, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Director of Grants

Gail is both a wonderful storyteller and teacher

Gail is both a wonderful storyteller and teacher. I love how her  storytelling classes help me look back on the stories of my life, extract meaning from them, and often bring clarity. It’s such a great introspective tool. Gail is the perfect guide to accompany us on this journey. She provides a safe, open, non judgmental space to share our personal stories. Her insight and feedback is always kind and meant to help us draft our stories in a compelling and meaningful way. Gail is funny, light hearted and real. She cares about what she teaches and she cares about her students.
Sophie Lagace

Preparing for trial, her insight was invaluable.

To help prepare my opening statement for an upcoming trial, I worked with Gail as a storytelling coach. We had a lovely session. Gail listened very carefully to every word and every single suggestion was amazing. Her insight was invaluable.

Mara E.J. Burnett, Partner

She can help coax a brilliant story out of anyone.

Gail Thomas is an instinctive and practiced story genius. She can help coax a brilliant story out of anyone. She is a teacher, story coach, and story wizard. She has a brilliant understanding of story structure. But more importantly, she has the uncanny ability to help draw out stories from students or clients that are authentic, vulnerable, relevant, and relatable.  I am a better teacher, storyteller, and person after studying with Gail.

Kent Whipple, Marketing and Development Director

High School students inspired and uplifted.

Gail has a way of coaxing out of even the most reticent students inspired and passionate performances. Gail’s insightful comments and compassionate interaction enabled each student to create stories that later engaged and occupied audiences. Our [high school]  students left her workshop inspired and uplifted, and we are all so grateful for her willingness to work with us. Student comments included:“She’s really cool to work with and she improved my public speaking skills.” “Gail showed me how to relax so that I actually liked performing on stage!”“I may seem confident now but I wasn’t always like that…” From Gail’s session, I took away that anyone can tell a story, just go up on stage and own it!!! I recommend Gail to you without reservation.

Lisa Yacomelli, English and Performing Arts Faculty

All of the founders said such wonderful things about you

Thank you for everything, Gail!! All of the founders you worked with said such wonderful things about you :). Looking forward to staying in touch. Your work is so meaningful and inspiring!

Courtney Mario
Stacklist (Networking for Startup Founders)

It was a phenomenal event that inspired everyone

The Story Studio was an outstanding partner to us in late 2019. We reached out to them to help us with a storytelling night wherein 10 founders would tell a story about failure in their lives as entrepreneurs. Gail worked with each founder to craft, hone and practice their story. It was a phenomenal event that inspired everyone who attended.

Amanda Moskowitz
CEO and Founder, Stacklist 

She helps you to seamlessly acquire the basics of storytelling.

Gail is great! She was my first storytelling instructor and I loved her so much that I continued learning with her. She has a very pedagogical approach that helps you to seamlessly acquire the basics of storytelling. Gail really creates a welcoming atmosphere that helps students to leave any shyness behind and put their story out there for the world to listen.

David Alfaro Serrano
Associate Cornerstone Research

It has been a gift to work with Gail

Gail Thomas is a superb teacher and storyteller! With patience, humor and clear instruction, Gail has helped me to find my voice, identify themes and finally craft powerful stories that are meaningful to me and my audience. As a beginner, I could not imagine a better experience in our small storytelling classes, where I have felt safe to take risks and receive feedback from Gail and my classmates. It has been a gift to work with Gail.

Allyson Norwood Bush
Art Therapist

It was such a pleasure

Gail, It was such a pleasure working with you and thank you for your time and help crafting my story. I had many people come up and reach out to me so I guess it must have resonated! I look forward to being in touch and we will definitely work together again.

Amber Berger

Offering her expert skills to our organization

I highly recommend Gail Thomas multi talented writing abilities, offering her expert skills to our organization, benefiting our website content, a storytelling workshop and personal coaching. Versatility is one of her strong suits, as well as the ability to focus on meaningful heartfelt stories that move people emotionally.

Liz London, Founder

It was a platform for leaders to become connected, at the deepest level…

I was looking for a way to connect our Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to genuine emotions and tell relevant stories during client engagements to demonstrate how we can grow their businesses. I reached out to Gail, and I’m glad I did!

Gail and I had a few 1:1 pre-workshop sessions so I could fully understand “why” storytelling and how it connects to our business. Specifically, I wanted to know how to join this storytelling style to our value proposition: driving client business outcomes. We worked on several key themes and strategies to prepare for our leadership team’s two-day workshop. Gail is a pro. We hosted 14 leaders during the workshop, and she kept everyone VERY engaged.

We worked through the components of a story, and she broke the storytelling elements into understandable, digestible segments. By the day’s end, each team member was tasked with building their own story through collaborative work with a partner.

All I can say is WOW; this was more than a ‘how to tell a story” workshop. It was a platform for all of the leaders to become connected, at the deepest level, through their stories. It served as an authentic team-building experience.I can’t thank Gail enough for her time, and I have since started referring Gail to clients to share this wonderful experience!


-Greg Peters,

Thomas is magnetic and engaging in her intensity and candor

Thomas is magnetic and engaging in her intensity and candor…PATIENT 13 is a masterclass in storytelling, and how sometimes, a chair and a stage is all you need.” – Guy Picot of Gia on the Move 

Guy Picot

A gripping roller coaster ride of emotions.

Her performance in PATIENT 13 is a gripping roller coaster ride of emotions. As she skillfully recounts her story, I am in awe of her perseverance and impressed by her resilience. I was deeply moved witnessing her standing ovation, seeing the tears of joy streaming down her face… Go for the story and leave with Hope.

Eloise Coopersmith

She helped me find my voice

As a law student at the UPenn Cary Law, I had the pleasure and fortune to be coached by Gail for six months. She helped me find my voice – I went from lacking confidence in my storytelling to feeling empowered to communicate my personal story to others, present the best version of myself to new colleagues, and put my best foot forward in letters and statements to professionals. I highly recommend Gail’s services..

Michelle Rodrigez

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