STORYTELLER: Writer • Actor • Coach


The storytelling community has enabled me to combine my passion for true, personal stories, writing and performance. Currently, I share my stories on stage in NYC storytelling shows including The MothRISK!, The Story Collider, The Liar Show, and Sideshow Goshko.

Some of my most popular stories came from a time when I was fighting cancer – and the themes are universal: identify, standing up to bullies, self love, and a little bit of magic. Here are a of my personal stories shared at the Moth in NYC



  • The Story Collider – Recorded live in NYC – Psychotropic Substances: Stories about Altered States
  • RISK! Perception – Recorded live in Austin Texas
  • RISK! Troubled Love – Recorded live in NYC – My story starts at 12:15, but whole episode is great!!
  • Modern Stories – Patient #13
  • Singleling – Vanessa Valerio’s lovely podcast delves into “Friends with Benefits.”
  • Stoops2Stages – I hang with pal, Gastor Almonte, a super talented standup/storyteller. We talk family, first impressions, Beavis and Butthead and stoop shopping…