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At the Rogue Machine/Matrix in LA in August 2024!

Fridays, August 16, 23, 30;

Saturdays August 17, 24, 31 and

Sundays, August 18, 25, and September 1

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This dark comedy one-person show tracks Gail’s quest to find the line between herself and others after a cancer diagnosis and her participation as patient #13 in a ground-breaking FDA study that gave magic mushrooms to cancer patients with anxiety and depression.

Gail has been interviewed by the New York Times, the Atlantic (Michael Pollan), Vsause, and CNN and now you can hear the whole story live! Patient 13 Show is featured in LA Magazine as a “bonus suggestion” show to see in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Fringe 2023.


“…Her performance in PATIENT 13 is a gripping roller coaster ride of emotions. As she skillfully recounts her story, I am in awe of her perseverance and impressed by her resilience. I was deeply moved witnessing her standing ovation, seeing the tears of joy streaming down her face… Go for the story and leave with Hope.” – Eloise Coopersmith of Gia on the Move

“Thomas, a Moth Story SLAM winner, has a winning way and a lot of shocking details. From “defensive dating” to a string of doctors, this is a story of a strong woman who kicked cancer and got rid of the toxic people in her life. Thomas reminds us all to participate fully in life, to trust and let go. And she leaves you wondering where you can get your hands on some psilocybin.” – Larchmont Buzz

“….Throughout, Thomas is magnetic and engaging in her intensity and candor…PATIENT 13 is a masterclass in storytelling, and how sometimes, a chair and a stage is all you need.” – Guy Picot of Gia on the Move 

“I’ve interviewed a lot of people and Gail’s psychedelic trip report definitely stands out!”   – Michael Pollan, author of How to Change Your Mind, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. and Co-founder of the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics

 2024  Storytelling Shows, upcoming:


  • Online Private Coaching for a wide range of clients (lawyers, social workers, techies, podcasters).
  • Coaching storytellers for RISK! podcast
  • 2022 Upcoming GROUP classes and workshops:
    • In development:  In-person LA Storytelling Classes
    • Second Wednesday of every month. The Story Gym Ongoing adult workouts for experienced storytellers. By interview/invite only

Recent(ish) highlights:

  • October 2023 Patient 13 Hollywood Extension
  • September 2023 Patient 13 in Denver at Chaos Bloom Theater
  • September 2023 Storytelling Workshop at Chaos Bloom Theater
  • August 2023 RISK! Live Storytelling show in Los Angeles
  • June 2023 NEW Dark Comedy Solo Show “Patient 13” premiered in Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • February 2023 Storytelling Workshop for Marketing Agency
  • January 2023 Storytelling Workshop of University Of Pennsylvania
  • October 26th Boston (Live to tape) PBS’s Stories for the Stage
  • November 2nd 10pm QED Astoria Q&A with Calvin 
  • November 12th 8pm Beacon Artichoke Storytelling Series
  • November 21st 8:30pm Freddy’s NYC/Park Slope What happened Was
  • Webinar July 27th, Introductory 1 hour Workshop for Nonprofits and Change makers –
  • Denver, Colorado – January & April Taught weekend storytelling workshop.
  • Los Angeles, California – Won the Story Smash game show at the Hollywood Improv.
  • Voiceover work on Angelo Rules (Five seasons, Emmy Nominated).
  • April Webinar: Humanity is Legal: Storytelling for Attorneys
  • Private Storytelling coaching for attorneys, marketers, a psychologist, techies, the US State Department, USC, and beyond.
  • Wrote stories for, highlighting how OKRs can lead to better leadership, alignment, DEI/anti-racism/anti-oppression.
  • Coached high school seniors at Legal Outreach, helping them refine their college application essays.
  • Voice of Lydie, the Parrot on John Cameron Mitchell’s musical podcast, Anthem Homunculus
  • Blog post on Medium:  “Why do you want to tell a story?
  • 2021 Zoom Webinars for LMHQ: “How to Turn Tough Times into Narrative” and “Using stories to Align Personal Values with Career Goals” and “Storytelling for Career Pivot”
  • Coached Start-up founders for an inspirational speaking event at Stacklist NY. Watch a video from Punsri Amith Abeywickrema here.