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"Gail's storytelling intuitions are incredible."

Stories connect us. I'll help you tell your own unique story. There are many ways to do this.


I’m a versatile, creative, detail-oriented writer who enjoys writing  on a wide range of topics. My unique background as a lawyer, actor, standup and storyteller enhances my ability to simplify a complicated subject matter, speak in the brand’s voice and craft a memorable story to engage a particular audience. 


For me, acting is about preparation, listening, embodying a character to bring the larger story to life. Improv comedy was my first love, followed by sketch, theatre, standup, and TV/Film.  I’ve worked extensively in commercials and voiceover.

In 2023, I wrote and performed a full length dark comedy one-person show that premiered to rave reviews in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  I also created and starred in My BFF, an award-winning short comedy film, which received audience favorite at New Filmmakers Festival in NYC and is rated 95% funny on the Funny or Die website.

Storytelling Coaching

Searching for your own unique voice? I’ll help you craft a strong, emotional story that engages and inspires your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or an introvert, I’ll help you find, craft and share your best stories!


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